Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The First Annual Manly Cupcake Challenge

Here are our very manly butchcakes perfect for the first Annual Manly Cupcake Challenge! They are made completely from scratch with a stout and chocolate sponge, a deliciously rich chocolate buttercream and topped with crushed pretzels for that perfect salty sweet combination. Any man would be proud to eat a butchcake such as this... especially Lumberjacks, fishermen and John McClane-types.

C&C Cakery are running a little competition to raise awareness of men's charities and you should check out their page to enter. (clicky below)

The Manly Cupcake Contest Prize Sponsor's Include:

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Cake Pops!

Here at Ani & Lulu's we are always looking for the next big thing to bring Belfast the best in tasty treats. So now we introduce to you the cake pop! the next baking trend coming to the forefront is the cake pop, yummy sponge cake mixed with creamy frosting with a sweet candy coating topped with handmade sprinkles made by yours truely. these are so fiddly to make but so much fun...look at them! so cute and would be perfect for favours for weddings or birthdays.

Father's Day Butchcakes

For a limited time only Butchcakes! Cupcakes dont have to be dainty!The rambo is a rich beer and chocolate sponge with a velvety chocolate frosting topped with crushed pretzels and drizzled with a chocolate ganache. optional moustache topper for an even more manly experience! perfect for Father's day! contact hello@aniandlulus.com for more info. Some big changes coming to www.aniandlulus.com soon for Belfast's best in cupcakes and innovative new treats.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Fan photos from the Belfast Children's festival

These photos of our lovely stall at the Belfast Children's festival were sent to us by Marion. How lovely! We love photos taken by our gorgeous Ani & Lulu's Cupcakes fans!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

CQAF Black Market in Custom House Square

We had such a wonderful time at the Black Market last week! We completely sold out and got to meet so many of you lovely people!! Also we got the adorable Chloe and Danny coming up to our stall to be the first ones to shout 'Whoopie!' and win a free whoopie pie. They sent us the cutest photos too! We love fan pictures.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Launch Party - a bit late

It's been so busy here at bake towers we have barely found the time to step away from the oven but here are some photos from our lovely launch party at the lobby in the spring and airbrake! We had such a wonderful time! thank you so much for coming out!! xx

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Cupcake fun at Black Books in Belfast

We here at Ani & Lulu's love books...especially ones with pictures of cakes in them! We had a little stall at Black Books in Belfast which is a lovely little Sunday market where you can buy second-hand books, collectible comics and other wonderful vintage artifacts to tickle your fancy! Also for that one week Vanilla, Nutella, Lemon and Earl Grey cupcakes as well as double dipped chocolate oreos and yummy little oreo truffles by Belfast's favourite cupcake company. We had so much fun and thanks to all the hungry little tummies completely sold out!